Seminar held by Daniela Galarraga-Espinosa


Filaments: from the large-scale structure to the CGM

Abstract: I will present a comprehensive study of filamentary structures, from the large-scale cosmic filaments forming the skeleton of the cosmic web, to the smaller-scale filaments playing a crucial role in the circum-galactic medium (CGM). Using the outputs of recent large-scale hydro-dynamical simulations, I will characterise fundamental properties of filaments at z=0 and reveal their evolution since z=4. I will focus the results on the two extreme populations of short and long cosmic filaments, insisting on the diversity of these large-scale structures. In the second part of my talk, I will zoom into CGM scales to show how the smaller-scale filaments (or streams) influence the star-formation activity of galaxies at cosmic noon. I will conclude on the importance of understanding multi-scale filaments and discuss prospects for observing these structures with current and future multi-wavelength datasets.