Plasma Physics

Research Topics

Turbulence in magnetised plasmas
Fisica dei plasmi

R. Barni, C. Riccardi

Research concerns turbulence, in particular the different topics which could be studied experimentally in laboratory plasmas. Turbulence is a phenomenon, not well understood yet, concerning several fields of physics. In plasmas, turbulence represents a substantial limitation to control and confinement of plasmas, in particular magnetised plasmas aimed to thermonuclear controlled fusion applications. Experiments are performed on the toroidal device Thorello (a simple magnetised torus SMT) at the PlasmaPrometeo Center of Excellence of the Departmnt ( Researches are performed also abroad within collaborations with the Auroral Observatory (University of Tromso, Norway, Observatory website) and the Centre pour le Physique des Interactions Ionique et Moleculaires PIIM (CNRS – Marseille, PIIM website) and with the Istituto di Fisica del Plasma IFP (CNR - Milano, IFP website). Recent results concern the numerical analysis of plasma fluctuation statistical properties, the study of diffusion and anomalous transport mechanism, the search and characterization of coherent structures. Linked to this research field there are activities like the development of magnetised plasma diagnostics with electrostatic and optical probes.

Industrial applications of plasma

R. Barni, C. Riccardi

Le attività di ricerca applicata si svolgono presso il Centro di Eccellenza PlasmaPrometeo per la ricerca, lo sviluppo ed il trasferimento tecnologico nel campo dei plasmi (Plasmaprometeo website). Il Centro, istituito attraverso un accordo di programma tra l’Università e la Regione Lombardia nel 2004, ha lo scopo di finalizzare la ricerca pubblica a sostegno del sistema delle imprese, condividendo i risultati più innovativi derivanti dalle ricerche della sezione Plasmi. Research concerns the project and the development of plasma devices for the surface modification of materials, the treatment of gas mixtures and for the production of energy. Activities concern studies and optimizations of different plasma processing, even within contracts with industries (Brevetti Unimib website). Linked to this research field, there are activities aimed to the development of diagnostics for Radiofrequency plasmas with electrostatic probes, the optical emission spectroscopy and of numerical codes fro the simulation of the chemical kinetics in plasmas.

Microscopy and material analysis

R. Barni, C. Riccardi

At the Centro di Eccellenza PlasmaPrometeo for research, development and technological transfer in the field of plasmas (Plasmaprometeo website) three laboratories for the microscopy and the material analysis have been opened. The first has an atomic force microscopy (AFM) which could study the surface morphology at the nanometer scale. With similar tecniques it is possible to measure several surface parameters such as electrical conductivity, elasticity and hardness. The second laboratory has a dual beam electron and ionic microscopy (FIB/SEM). Besides material imaging, it is possible to perform cutting, deposition and ion implantation at the micrometer scale. The microscopy could perform also analysis of biological samples (mode ESEM). The third laboratory concerns optics, with a laser system for dusty plasma diagnostics through interpherometric methods.

Controlled thermonuclear fusion plasmas and neutron spectroscopy

Gamma spectroscopy of controlled fusion plasmas

Material analysis with neutron spectroscopy