Teaching activities

Educational activity for the PhD students is organized in specific courses, Residential Doctorate Schools and interdisciplinary courses.
Students are also encouraged to participate in the colloquia organized by the Department of Physics.
The student must acquire a minimum of 8 credits.
The Teaching Board advises students to acquire most of the credits in the first two years of the program.

a. The specific courses are organized every year by the Doctoral School in Physics and Astronomy. The students should attend specific courses selected from a variety. Credits (1 credit/8 hours) are assigned upon passing the corresponding exam. At least 4 credits should be taken from specific courses. In agreement with the coordinator, students can attend courses from other Doctoral Schools.

b. Students are encouraged to participate in national or international Residential Doctorate Schools on specific topics. Credits are assigned when a public seminar is given about the school contents (maximum of 2 credits).

c. At least 2 credits should be taken from interdisciplinary courses (research management, grant writing ...) organized by the Doctoral School of the Milano Bicocca University.

At the end of the first and of the second year all students should give a public seminar about their research activity. These seminars are open to professors, researchers, students and public.