LISA and beyond

The gravitational Universe
Evento "Lisa and beyond"

The primary known medium carrying information across the Universe was light until 2015, when the LIGO interferometers first detected gravitational waves (GWs). 

Besides providing one of the first strong proofs of Einstein's  theory of General Relativity, GW detection allows to reveal unprecedented information about astrophysical sources.

Our current best tools to measure GWs on Earth are ground-based laser interferometers.

Among the upcoming projects there is LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna), the space mission designed by the European Space Agency (ESA), expected to launch in the mid-2030. With LISA we will explore for the first time the low-frequency Gravitational Universe, and thus study extremely fascinating sources such as binaries of supermassive black holes.

Three leading experts in Astrophysics and Gravitational Physics will give a speech about LISA, the sources it will detect and the future of GW Astrophysics.