Molecular biophysics uses concepts and tools of the Physical-Chemistry and of the statistical Physics in order to study the structure, the dynamics and the interactions among biomolecules. The recent development of new methods and the need of applied biophysical studies has enhanced also in Italy the search for graduate in Biophysics. The most important recent applications deal with the use of biomolecules as key elements of micro-chips and micro- machines. For this reason it is very important to achieve a detailed understanding of their structure and, most of all, of their dynamics. This is mainly achieved by exploiting their interaction with the electromagnetic radiation. The use of these bio-devices, based on the manipulation of single DNA or proteins, has given a burst to the study of the mechanical and spectroscopic properties of single biomolecules. The group of Biophysics of the University of Milano Bicocca studies the structure, the dynamics and the interactions among proteins by means of advanced spectroscopic techniques.