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Esterno Dipartimento di Fisica "G. Occhialini"

All offices are located in building U1-bis, 4th floor.
Phone numbers are (+39) 02 6448 xxxx.
All emails are


Publications are reported in each member’s personal page.
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Margaux Bouzin

Margaux Bouzin
Office: 4041
Phone: 02 6448 2438
Research Interests: Optical Nanoscopy

Giuseppe (Giberto) Chirico

Giuseppe (Giberto) Chirico
Office: 4043
Phone: 02 6448 2440
Research Interests: Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy

Maddalena Collini

Maddalena Collini
Office: 4042
Phone: 02 6448 2439
Research Interests: Optical Time resolve Spectroscopy and Nanoscopy

Laura d'Alfonso

Laura D’Alfonso
Office: 4044
Phone: 02 6448 2441
Research Interests: Nanoparticle and Optical Microscopy

Luca Presotto

Luca Presotto
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for medical imaging and biophysics

Laura Sironi

Laura Sironi
Office: 4044
Phone: 02 6448 2441
Research Interests: Nanoparticle and Optical In-vivo Microscopy


Mario Marini

Mario Marini
Office: 5040
Phone: 02 6448 2442
Research Interests: Thermal imaging

AmirBahador Zeynali

AmirBahador Zeynali
Office: 5040
Phone: 02 6448 2442
Research Interests: PhotoThermal Imaging

Ph.D. Students

Davide Panzeri

Davide Panzeri
Office: 4050
Phone: 02 6448 2442
Research Interests: ...

foto mancante

Riccardo Scodellaro
Office: 5014
Phone: 02 6448 2442
Research Interests: Digital patology and artificial intelligence

Undergraduate Students

Michele Pio Di Palma
Thesis about: Interaction of nanoplastics with model organisms

Elenia Lombardo
Thesis about: Hyperspectral imaging

Simone Moricone
Thesis about: Intravital imaging

Davide Panzeri
Thesis about: Digital patology, machine learning

Salvatore Paribello
Thesis about: Nonlinear methods for tumor analysis

Martina Pavesi
Thesis about: Thermal imaging

Claudia Piscitelli
Thesis about: Single plane illumination microscopy

Chiara Santoro
Thesis about: Anomalous diffusion in proteinaceous structures


Mykola Borzenkov
curr.pos.: R&D Process chemist presso Olon SpA

Chiara Bosisio
curr.pos.: UniCredit 

Michele Caccia
curr.pos.: postdoc
Research Interests: Optical Microscopy, Archeometry
Current Affiliation: Univ. Milano-Bicocca, Dept. Material Science

Sara Carozza
curr.pos.: Leiden Univ. (NL)
Research Interests: Optical Microscopy and Nanoparticles
Current Affiliation: Junior Data Scientist at Anchormen

Niccolò Giovanni Ceffa
curr.pos.: post doc Optical Microscopy, aberrations, systems control a TUDelft, Delft (NL)

Ilaria Cesana
curr.pos.: PhD in Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca presso Scienze dell’Ambiente e della Terra

Stefano Daglio
curr.pos.: STMicroelectronics
Research Interests: Senior Layout Design Engineer at STMicroelectronics

Rocco D'Antuono
curr.pos.: laboratory research scientist presso "The FRANCIS CRICK Institute” Londra

Giovanni Ferrari
curr.pos.: Robonica

Giorgia Franceschetti
curr.pos.: Accenture

Stefano Freddi
curr.pos.: IEO, Milan
Research Interests: Scientific Manager, microscopy facility
Current Affiliation: Optical Microscopy

Lucia Ganzer
curr.pos.: post doc presso Politecnico di Milano

Marco Gerosa
curr.pos.: PhD in Nanoscienze e tecnologie avanzate presso Università degli Studi di Verona

Nicola Gritti
curr.pos.: post-doc post doc a EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) a Barcellona

Paolo Innocenti
Thesis Topic: Adaptive Optics Microscopy

Alberto Lombardini
curr.pos.: Optical Engineer a Ecile Normale Superieure a Parigi

Diego Morone
curr.pos.: Microscopy Center Ticino (CH)  Scientific Manager, Institute for Research in Biomedicine

Paolo Pozzi
curr.pos.: postdoc presso Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia

Fabrizio Radaelli
curr.pos.: Autonomous driving specialist engineer presso Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Claudia Ravasio
curr.pos.: PhD presso Università degli Studi di Milano

Francesco Rocca
curr.pos.: Laser Laboratorium, Goettingen (D)
Research Interests: post-doc
Current Affiliation: STED microscopy

Leone Rossetti
curr.pos.: Ibec Barcellona
Research Interests: post-doc
Current Affiliation: Integrative cell and tissue dynamics

Barbara Scalvini
curr.pos.: PhD student presso Università di Leida

Guglielmo Vesco
curr.pos.: PhD presso INSUBRIA


Updated: November 2021