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Do you wish to go to Milano - Bicocca for your Erasmus? Here are the pieces of information you need!

Teaching plans

The Milano - Bicocca Physics department offers the following programs accessible to the incoming Erasmus students, provided that at least 50% of the ECTS included in the Learning Agreement take place in the Department.

While a login is needed to access each course internal material, the corresponding Syllabus is openly accessible.

program teaching plan language
Bachelor in Physics eLearning Italian [1]
Master in Physics eLearning Italian or English [2]
Master in Astrophysics and Space Physics eLearning English
Master in Artificial Intelligence for Science and Technology eLearning English

[1] The course "Laboratory of Computation and Statistics" at the second year offers a track in English

[2] The following courses are held in English:

  • Energy Physics
  • Plasma Physics II
  • Physics of Semiconductors
  • Quantum Gravity
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics Laboratory I
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics Laboratory II
  • Quantum Materials
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Mathematical Methods for Physics
  • General Relativity
  • Mc Simulation of Radiation Detectors
  • Applied Quantum Technologies
  • Theory of Quantum Information and Quantum Computing
  • Theory of Condensed Matter I
  • Theory and Phenomenology of Fundamental Interations
  • Quantum Field Theory I
  • Quantum Field Theory II
  • Computational Materials Science

Specific courses by default delivered in Italian may be taught in English upon agreement among students and teachers.

The general Erasmus incoming Course Catalogue may be found here as well, where courses from all departments may be found. Students joining the Physics department may add to their learning agreement up to two courses selected from other departments, for a total number of ECTF not exceeding 50% of the total. In case of exceptions, please write a detailed request to

Teaching and exam calendar

  • Teaching calendars are organised in two semesters (exact start and finish dates depend on the program and year):
    • the first semester covers the months from October to January of the following year
    • the second semester covers the months from March to June
  • Exams usually take place in February, July and September
  • The specific calendar for each program and year may be checked on a weekly basis at this link
  • For detailed information concerning a specific course, please do not hesitate to directly contact teachers
  • Available places in laboratories is limited by their capacity, it's therefore suggested to directly contact teachers prior to the start of the mobility to verify the actual availability for specific courses
  • The courses calendar may be found also through the BicoccaAPP mobile app


Whom should I refer to for questions and problems?

If the problem concerns the scientific content of the mobility, please write a message to If it concerns administrative aspects, please write to the University Angels ( putting in copy.

May I attend laboratory courses?

Yes, you may, provided that the course capacity is not saturated

Where do I find future course timetables?

The timetable of future courses may be found, on a weekly basis, through the Milano - Bicocca timetable web app. If there's no information for a future year, please use as a reference the previous one.

It seems I cannot see the detailed information for courses, how can I do that?

While the access to the internal information is restricted, the syllabus for each course (linked at the topo right of each page) is publicly available.