Inorganic mass spectrometry laboratory

Contact person: Massimiliano Clemenza

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Laboratorio spettrometria di massa

In the mass spectrometry laboratory there are two mass spectrometers both inductively coupled  with Argon plasma ion source. The quadrupole ICPMS XSERIES II and a the high resolution ICPMS with double focusing mass analyzers, magnetic and electrostatics ones, are used for the measurements of trace and ultra-traces elements on liquid and solid matrices.

Analysis pricelist

Check our analysis pricelists (it is in Italian only, but you can contact one of the staff member for details):


Analysis timetable

Analysis timetable will depend on the desired service and will be agreed at the moment of the request.


You will receive results by e-mail together with a report about equipment, set-up, techniques and measurement accuracy.

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Massimiliano Clemenza Tel. 02 6448 2417