Microwaves laboratory

Contact person: M. Gervasi, M. Zannoni

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Criostati in U2

Inside the microwaves lab a Vector Network Analyzer (PNAX manufactured by Agilent Technologies, now Keysight Technologies), together with several millimetric extensions, is used to characterize electromagnetic components and systems, both passive and active, in the frequency band 10 MHz – 170 GHz.

Vector Network Analyzed can be also used, together with a cryogenic chamber, to test devices operated at cryogenic temperature, covering the full range of temperatures from 4 Kelvin to room temperature.

Analysis pricelist

Check our analysis pricelist (it is in Italian only, but you can contact one of the staff member for details).

Analysis timetable

Analysis timetable will depend on the desired service and will be agreed at the moment of the request.


You will receive results by e-mail together with a report about equipment, set-up, techniques and measurement accuracy.

More information

prof. Mario Zannoni mario.zannoni@unimib.it Tel. 02 6448 2379
prof. Massimo Gervasi massimo.gervasi@unimib.it Tel. 02 6448 2380