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Laboratorio radioattività

In the Radioactivity laboratory of Milano Bicocca University, there are several instruments able to detect different type of Ionizing Radiation: semiconductor detectors (high purity Germanium and surface barrier silicon detectors) for high resolution and high sensitivity gamma and alpha spectrometry measurements and low background liquid scintillation for beta spectroscopy.
These types of instrumentation are used for the determination of natural and anthropogenic radioactive elements presents are types on solid and liquid matrices and emitting “gamma", "alpha” or “beta” ionizing radiations. In the case of alpha and beta spectrometry, radiochemical treatments (electrodeposition, use of ion-exchange resins ...) are also provided for the separation of the radioactive elements of interest by the analyzed matrix.

Analysis pricelist

Check our analysis pricelist (it is in Italian only, but you can contact one of the staff member for details).

Analysis timetable

Analysis timetable will depend on the desired service and will be agreed at the moment of the request.


You will receive results by e-mail together with a report about equipment, set-up, techniques and measurement accuracy.