Stochastic Simulations for Biophysics

Simulations for Biophysics

This field is intimately connected to the experimental studies developed in the lab on immunology and on time-space correlation imaging. The first project was aimed to the characterization of the lymphocyte-lymphocyte interaction (within the European Project ENCITE). The second project, currently under development, aims at the simulation of the fluidodynamics within the blood vessels of small organisms (Zebrafish).


ENCITE, European Project, FP7.


  • University of Milano Bicocca. F. Granucci, I. Zanoni;
  • HSR, Milano. M. Iannacone.


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Master Theses

N. Gritti (now at the University of Amsterdam, NL), Modelization of Immune Recognition Processes by Stochastic Dynamics, March 2012.